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FoR 20mm Parting Tool Combo

FoR 20mm Parting Tool Combo

FoR (Front or Rear) Inverted Parting Toolholder includes a fine, high-strength Crobalt parting tool. Operates with blade held upside down. Use in front or rear tool post. Model specifically set for tool posts on 20mm Diamond Toolholder.

  • Inverted blade design significantly reduces chance of jam-up and blade breakage
  • Minimal side overhang and no front overhang help maximize rigidity
  • Cutting takes place on underside. Swarf tends to fall out of groove rather than pile up on top of cutting edge
  • Lack of swarf on top of blade means coolant is free to get right in to cutting edge
  • Horizontal mounting of blade further reduces chance of blade pulling itself into cut and is especially advantageous when turning brass and bronze.
  • Simple to resharpen--only front face has to be ground.


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