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Out on the Trout Stream with Joe Humphreys
Out on the Trout Stream with Joe Humphreys
This unique adventure in book publishing takes you through a series of detailed, exciting lessons from one of the great fly fishermen of all time, Joe Humphreys. In extraordinary photo sequences, detailed captions, and imaginative, original schematic drawings illustrating theory as well as practical technique, Joe shows you how to catch trout. Joe talks directly to you, the reader, in On the Trout Stream, as if you were wading along beside him for a one-on-one lesson. You are in the current at his side as he points out ways to read water, shows you what tippet-fly combo he's going to use for a particular stream situation, discusses casting, makes his approach, and, with you at his side, lands fish. On the Trout Stream gives you hard information and instruction in an original, highly visual presentation of how Joe Humphreys actually fishes.
Hard Cover. 264 pages.
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