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Machinist's Workshop Print + Digital Gift Subscription
Machinist's Workshop Print + Digital Gift Subscription

If you know a beginning machinist then Machinist's Workshop is for them. What sets this magazine apart is its emphasis on shorter, less involved projects for the beginner. Machinist's Workshop also covers other forms of metalworking not necessarily related to machining, such as welding, foundry work, and fabrication work. It's a gift that gives all year long .

PRINT + DIGITAL: They'll enjoy the printed magazine as new issues are released, PLUS digital access to literally hundreds of the very best articles ever produced.

  • 1 Year $29.95 US|$39.95 Canada|$42.95 Foreign
  • 2 Year $55.95 US|$74.95 Canada|$79.95 Foreign
  • 3 Year $78.95 US|$104.95 Canada|$108.95 Foreign
  • 1st Class $41.95 US|$45.95 Canada|$75.95 Foreign