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Pointing Dog Journal Gift Subscription
Pointing Dog Journal Gift Subscription

If you know someone whose life is not complete without their setter, pointer, Brittany, shorthair or versatile breed, then send them six issues a year of The Pointing Dog Journal. Ever since our first issue in 1993, The Pointing Dog Journal has been recognized as The Sporting Dog Authority by serious pointing dog people around the world. It's a gift that gives all year long.

  • 1 Year $27.95 US|$36.95 Canada|$44.95 Foreign
  • 2 Year $51.95 US|$69.95 Canada|$82.95 Foreign
  • 3 Year $72.95 US|$97.95 Canada|$112.95 Foreign
  • 1st Class $40.95 US|$49.95 Canada|$80.95 Foreign
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