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Crobalt Solid Round Bit 5/16"x2" L
Crobalt Solid Round Bit 5/16"x2" L
These Crobalt tips are ground to the correct angle by the customer, using the Diamond Tool Holder grinding jig that comes with each tool holder kit. This size is appropriate for the users of the new ML8mm Diamond Toolholders, designed for the small bench top lathes, such as the Unimat, Atlas 6", Sherline, and other new Asian lathes.
Crobalt cast alloy is an alternative tool bit to the HSS tips usually used in the Diamond Tool Holders, its ideal for turning tough materials such as stainless, cast iron, and high carbon steels. Tougher and less brittle than carbide it can be ground using a normal aluminum oxide wheel, Crobalt contains 50% cobalt with the remainder being tungsten and chromium, there is no iron or steel in the alloy.
Watch the Diamond Toolholder in action doing a comparison test between M42 HSS (CoHSS) and Crobalt cast alloy -- both toolbits are 1/4" square.
They are being used in a Right Hand 12mm model Diamond Tool Holder, to turn 304 and 316 stainless bar and an interrupted cut on a piece of cast iron.
The lathe is a 1960s Colchester Chipmaster.
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