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Basic Maintenance for the Vintage South Bend Lathe
Basic Maintenance for the Vintage South Bend Lathe
If you are thinking about cleaning up and using that old South Bend Lathe that you inherited from your grandfather (the one that has been sitting in your garage for the last 20 years), this collection of maintenance tips will help you get that beautiful piece of iron back into service. "Basic Maintenance for the Vintage South Bend Lathe" is a starting "how-to" guide for keeping all vintage South Bend Lathes in good working order. The information is applicable to all models ranging from the 9" workshop series to the industrial versions which went from a 10" swing all the way up to 16". The manual will help educate new machine operators and enthusiasts on the correct procedures to set up, clean, lubricate, and adjust all of the critical features of the lathe. The manual is 70 pages, fully illustrated with many B&W photographs and diagrams plus step-by-step instructions on the proper methods for keeping the machine in good working order.
Softbound. 70 pages.
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