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The Machinist's Bedside Reader
The Machinist's Bedside Reader
By Guy Lautard
The first of the three-book Machinist's Bedside Readers set is back in print after a long absence. Guy Lautard's compilations of diverse technical information have sold tens of thousands of copies to machinists of every tyipe around the world.
This book includes fully dimensioned working drawings and detailed instructions for several projects, including 15 practical machinist's tools and lathe accessories.
You'll also enjoy the machine shop acecdotes and the fascinating account of a little lathe made"from nothing" in a Japanese POW camp. Plus, you'll learn "The Secret of the Old Master, " in a heartwarming story by Lucian Cary.
Updated with new sources, The Machinist's Bedside Reader is ready to delight a new set of readers with an interest in this "best of all trades."
Paperback, 260 pages.
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