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Grouse, Quail and a Splash of Woodcock
Grouse, Quail and a Splash of Woodcock
By Frank Jezioro
The content of this book is a mixture of hunting experiences, heavy on ruffed grouse and woodcock throughout the coverts of The Lake States, Canada and Appalachia, with a dash of wild quail from the nation's heartland. The whole book expresses real life experiences, joy and tribulations of the interactions of hunters and their dogs as they pursue these birds through the classic upland coverts.
Hardcover. 187 pages."The truly serious upland gunner is a dog man. Frank is a dog man and in this book shares experiences, knowledge, and ideas gained from fifty years of bird hunting from the Delta of Mississippi to the Prairies of Manitoba." Dave Meisner, Founder, The Pointing Dog Journal.
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