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Retriever Journal Special Offer
Retriever Journal Special Offer

Ever since its inception nearly a decade ago, no magazine has reached into the hearts of the hunting retriever enthusiast like The Retriever Journal. It is an "expert's magazine" because it's written by experts for experts and those who want to be! Every issue is all about the world of retrievers, of pheasants in the cattail sloughs, mallards cupping their wings toward your blind, and the training necessary to get you both ready for the moment.

If your Lab is the lay-about pet and companion, brightening your days and filling your heart, then Just Labs is the magazine for you at a bargain price of $19.95 for six issues.

Of course, these great dogs may fill both roles, so you'll want to take advantage of the BEST VALUE Just Labs & Retriever Journal Combo Offer: Both magazines for $34.90 -- that's 12 total issues, an issue each month of the year!

Canada $26.95
USA $19.95
Other $29.95
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