R20mm Diamond Toolholder Kit
R20mm Diamond Toolholder Kit

Diamond Toolholder's unique design provides a number of benefits over standard tooling, both in use and when sharpening. When cutting, 80 degree included angle of tool allows machinist to both turn and face in same setup, saving time and tooling. When it comes time to sharpen toolbit, simply clamp it in sharpening jig (supplied with Right Hand Toolholder kit) and grind. That's all there is to sharpening toolbit -- no complicated geometry, only one face needs grinding. Get prefect results every time!

R20mm Toolholder is perfect size for heavy-duty lathes capable of using 3/4" tooling. Toolholder uses 5/16" square toolbits and features a 3/4"x3/4" shank size for increased ridgidity. "R" denotes a right hand toolholder, which will cut towards lathe headstock and will do facing cuts on stock to left side of tool. Left hand toolholders are also available.

Tool holder size will depend on a combination of size of your lathe and type of tool post fitted. Model number indicates distance in millimeters from bottom of tool post tool slot to lathe centerline. Check tool height and size of tool slot in tool post before purchasing.

R20mm Toolholder Kit includes:
- 1 Right Hand Toolholder
- 1 HSS Tool Blank
- 1 Grinding Jig
- 1 Hex Key
- 1 Instructional DVD
- Helpful articles written by Rudy Kouhoupt & Desmond Burke

Features/Tips | Selecting Size | Right/Left Handed

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