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R-L20mm Diamond Toolholder Triple Combo
R-L20mm Diamond Toolholder Triple Combo

New R20mm and New L20mm are bigger and tougher than old B20. L20 replaces L20 for left-hand cutting. R-L "FoR" combines Right-hand 16mm and Left-hand 20mm Diamond Toolholders with "FoR" (Front or Rear) Parting Tool, so when all turning, facing, cutting to a shoulder and screw thread forming is finished, you have "FoR" tool ready to remove your work cleanly and quickly from lathe. Only requirement for your lathe is that it be operated in reverse. FoR 12 includes high strength Crobalt parting tool blade, so cut will be clean and precise.

Combo includes:
- 1 Right Hand Toolholder
- 1 Left Hand Toolholder
- 2 HSS Tool Blanks
- 1 Grinding Jig
- 1 Hex Key
- 1 Crobalt Cutoff Blade
- 1 FoR 20mm Parting Tool
- 1 Instructional DVD
- Helpful articles written by Rudy Kouhoupt & Desmond Burke

By buying this combo, you're saving a total of $70.00 versus what you would have paid by buying each tool separately.

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