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R-L20mm Diamond Toolholder Combo
R-L20mm Diamond Toolholder Combo

20mm Toolholders are designed for heavier duty work on lathes using 20mm or 3/4" tooling.

holders take both 5/16" and 8mm tools bits (square or round) as standard, but also have ability to use 1/4" or 6mm tool bits, using alternative clamp that can be purchased separately.

Smaller tool bits are more cost effective if you are normally taking cuts less than 6mm deep, they are also quicker to re-sharpen.Same grinding jig is able to sharpen 5/16", 1/4", 8mm, and 6mm tool bits.

Tool size will depend on a combination of size of your lathe and type of tool post fitted, Check tool height and size of tool post slot in your lathe before purchasing.

20mm Toolholders include:
- 1 Left Hand Toolholder
- 1 Right Hand Toolholder
- 2 HSS Tool Blanks
- 1 Grinding Jig
- 1 Hex Key
- 1 Instruction sheet

By buying this combo, you're saving a total of $35.00 versus what you would have paid by buying each tool separately.

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