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R-L12mm Diamond Toolholder Combo
R-L12mm Diamond Toolholder Combo

R-L12mm Combo Diamond Toolholders are designed to operate on oversized toolposts on Asian Mini-Lathes now being sold in thousands. These toolholders consist of:

HSS tool bit size - 1/4"x1/4"x32mm (1 1/2") M42 grade 8% Cobalt

Shank size (HWL) - 15mmx12mmx76mm (19/32"x15/32"x3")

Minimum tool height - 12mm (15/32")

Distance from shank to tool point - 32mm (1 1/4")

Clamp screw - M5

Combo includes:
- 1 Right Hand Toolholder
- 1 Left Hand Toolholder
- 2 HSS Tool Blanks
- 1 Grinding Jig
- 1 Hex Key
- 1 Instructional DVD
- Helpful articles written by Rudy Kouhoupt & Desmond Burke

By buying this combo, you're saving a total of $25.00 versus what you would have paid by buying each tool separately.

Features/Tips | Selecting Size | Right/Left Handed

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